Wardrobe Whisperer: Johnny Wujek

Once a cruiser of the catwalk himself, Johnny Wujek knows a thing or two about this sartorial scene we call the fashion industry. As a wardrobe whisperer to the stars, and the man single-handedly responsible for turning the California girl herself (and his BFF!), Katy Perry, into queen of Candy Land, he’s made quite a name for himself. This name includes styling and designing for other babes like Zac Efron (PS- it’s no longer illegal to have dirty thoughts about him, which is rad) and adding the cast of “America’s Next Top Model” to his already insane resume. All this being said, we had to hold back the emotional exclamation points from pouring out of our mouths when we got the chance to work with him. Besides curating his own “rad” carpet worthy collection on the site, we got the skinny from this style master on everything from his fashion faves to his hidden talent. Read/Swoon on… you’re welcome.


How did you get into styling?

My best friend’s cousin hired me as an intern on a movie he was directing. I assisted the stylist after that, and before I knew it, I was booking my own gigs. 

Katy Perry…we adore her. You style her. How is it working with her? 

She’s a dream come true. Working with your best friend is one of the greatest blessings.  Traveling the world, playing dress up, and having the best time doing it. What more could I ask for? 

Where do you turn to for fashion inspiration?

Everywhere- from old movies to traveling, and especially music, I get inspired a lot from music. Also, Google is genius for inspiration. But, most of my ideas come while running on the treadmill. It’s like Goldie Hawn in first wives club. 




Favorite places in LA. Go!

Fairfax flea market. Nick’s diner on Olympic. Sushi Time. Griffith Park Observatory. LACMA. Disney Symphony Hall. Lake Hollywood. Palace, a Mexican drag bar on La Brea. My new house, and The Gas Light for karaoke in Santa Monica. Soooo fun. 

Who would you say is your fashion icon?

Tom ford + the Brawny paper towel guy + Steve McQueen + Joan Crawford all rolled into one.  

Tell us something about yourself most would be surprised to hear.

I am an amazing whistler. 


What are some of your favorite trends this season?

I love the black and white horizontal jumbo stripe trend happening. It takes me back to the days of the beatniks. Snappin’ the fingers, with a little touch of Elvis Presley’s “Jail House Rock.” I always loved that look. 

Current trend you really hate?

I’m not a huge fan of the mullet dress. But, I wouldn’t say I hate it. I’m no hater. Waste of time. 

What was your most memorable styling gig, and why?

I’ve had so many amazing moments with Katy for sure. Lots of firsts together. But, I would say styling Naomi Campbell for a couple of months was pretty insane. She’s a supermodel legend. I’d get so excited with every look. 

Favorite places to source one-of-a-kind items for your clients?

My mind. I love to conceive and create. Other than that, I have some vintage spots I frequent. Shhhhhhh. 



How would you describe your personal style?

Very relaxed. Jeans. Tank top. Sneakers sort of thing. Yet, lately I’ve been swanking it up. I mean dressing up is much more fun when you’re in shape and you fit into runway samples. 

Any fashion tips/secrets you’d care to share?

For me, I’d rather stand out than blend in. It’s fashion.  And, risk taking is always a good idea in my book. Try new things, and do what works best for your body type. I’m always the guy being complimented on something I’m wearing because it’s different. I love when people comment, even if they be hatin’. 

What is your favorite decade/era in fashion?

I’ve always been obsessed with the 50s. Always. So chic. So structured. So cinematic. 



Three things you can’t live without. 

Music, people, and a healthy heart.

If you could sum up what fashion means to you in one word, what would it be?


Best thing you’ve ever gotten at Wasteland?

My all time favorite jean shorts. They’ve been stolen from me many times. But, I always get them back. ALWAYS. 


Shop the collection HERE!

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