Currently Coveting with Alle Fister

Excited to have our very own, Alle Fister as the first to curate our new column, Currently Coveting. 

A splurge currently on your wishlist

Alle Fister: A flight to Argentina! From Igacu Falls (one of the seven natural wonders of the world) to seeing (and eating my way thru!) Buenos Aires– looking forward to saving towards taking (and time off to enjoy) a trip to South America!

A favorite new wardrobe piece in your rotation

AF: I recently SPLURGED and bought myself these Givenchy boots – now if only it would get colder in LA so I can wear ‘em!

Beauty product you can’t stop obsessing over

AF: Ilia – an amazing line of natural & organic lip products that come in an array of colors while remaining green

Favorite items you keep window-shopping

AF: As we’re currently styling out our soon to open, brand new, West Hollywood office, I have major interiors items on my lust list!  If I had to pick one, I’d say this eco-friendly throw in prep for the colder weather:

Current food craving

AF: Banana Cream Pie @ Bubby’s Tribeca!!! 

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