Bollare buddy and all around digital cool girl Elizabeth Kott combined her love for good vintage with her obsession with social media as she launched online vintage and resale boutique  Closet Rich this fall. The results? Addictive. It’s like shopping your most stylish friend’s closet, if she happened to own gently worn Balenciaga wedges, Helmut Lang basics, and killer vintage pieces. Elizabeth sat down with us to talk shop in her Q&A below!

You help fashion-forward friends sort their closets and resell “pre-loved” wears on your site Closet Rich. When did you hatch the idea for your business?

Simply put, necessity is the mother of invention- and my closet was in serious need of an overhaul. I had things I wanted to sell and donate, and I saw a niche in the market for a service that provides that.
Also, who doesn’t want to go through their most fashionable friend’s closet to see what they are ready to get rid of? I certainly do, that’s the whole idea behind the site.

Closet Rich carries so many amazing vintage pieces — everything from Jean Paul Gaultier to Dior. What has been your best vintage score to date?

Vintage has always been a huge part of my existence- my mother, notorious for her pack-rat tendencies, saved hers, her mother’s and her aunt’s wardrobe standouts. Over the years I have scored some epic finds from these archives, too many goodies to pick just one. More recently, however,  I hit the jackpot at Golden State Goods in Seal Beach, CA. 

It’s great that you’re able to resell or donate pieces your clients are no longer wearing. Where do you start when sorting through a new client’s wardrobe?

Generally before I meet with a client, their items in question are set aside. Together we review the pieces and I make 2 piles one for items sell on Closet Rich and one for donation…(well USUALLY 3, b/c everyone has a cousin, sister, etc that could use a little closet richness too!) The assessment is simple, basically if I know my customer will dig it, it’s going on the site.

You also shoot all the photos for your site in your apartment. Do have any favorite blogs or sites you frequent for visual inspiration? And what is your favorite soundtrack to play during the shoots?

Very impressed by the COVETEUR , flawless execution. And i am in love with Kelly Wearstler’s blog, myvibemylife.com,  for 2 reasons: 1. it provides an inside look into what makes her creative mind tick and 2. The title.  My Vibe My Life… genius phrase.

On the shoots Kristin (www.bleachblack.com ) and I tend to go super poppy to keep the energy up Britney, Madonna, Gaga, Selena Gomez… and the like. I made a mix on spotify titled literally closet rich- all songs pertaining to clothes and money, we love that one. You can find it here.

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